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Creativity - The Guitar Edition

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Creativity means having an imagination that uses a knowledgeable, quick brain to control nimble fingers.

The Music Reader's Toolbox provides everything a creative musician needs. Each page explains how to use the tools in the toolbox to efficiently maximise your skill level.

The Creativity section combines the Fretboard section, Scales section, Music Reading section and the Modes and Chords section.  Making it a powerful and exciting engine for your imagination to use.

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Pages are turned using the arrows on the Left (back) and Right (forward)

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Playing by ear is important. Knowing what you're playing is even more important.

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Expected Changes and all type of chords are all in the the full version.

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Practice should be encouraged but done willingly.

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Even in the simplest song, modes create creativity.

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Good technique and understanding of the stave and fretboard are always encouraged.

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