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Editions for vocalists and other instruments are planned.

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At the heart of The Music Reader's Toolbox is a method that guarantees quick response and enhanced reaction from musicians reading from the stave. To view a demo of each of the 5 sections of the guitar edition visit each particular page shown in the menu above or the links below.

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My unique method for teaching sight reading music makes the stave accessible and enjoyable. Standard music notation remains at the heart of my teaching.

Each tool in The Music Reader's Toolbox is a power tool designed to help musicians and singers find their creative self. The stave is the starting point of creativity.

The Music Reader's Toolbox is for beginners with at least a reasonable ability to read music and experienced singers and musicians who can't read music.

Through understanding the stave I taught myself to improvise and to play live on stage professionally every night.

Now, as a guitar teacher with over 30 years experience, I pass the importance of sight reading music on to my students. Through The Music Reader's Toolbox I can pass it on to you.

me a long time ago
me a long time ago


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