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Reading Music - The Guitar Edition

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Everything a creative guitarist needs to give their playing a future is on the stave or on the borders of the stave. And, most importantly, using my method it won't take long to master.  

The ability to work hard and practice is at the heart of Stave Breakthrough and The Music Reader's Toolbox.

This, the Stave section, used in conjunction with the other three sections in this series will make all guitarists feel confident and in control of their music.

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Turn the pages of each of the four flip books with cursor (laptop) or swipe with fingers (hand held devices)
View TMRT - Reading Music

Screenshots below taken from the Full version.

Screenshot 1
Pages are turned using the arrows on the Left (back) and Right (forward)

Screenshot 2
Symbols on the stave are named after the time between notes.

Screenshot 3
Sight reading while playing guitar starts here.

Screenshot 4
All areas of the stave have their place on the fretboard.

Screenshot 5
All musicians will understand time signatures using my method.

Screenshot 6
Here, the hints and tips are removed to encourage a students independence.

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