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In the fretboard section I explain I don't hand my students a printed sheet full of notes in the hope they can decipher it. They have their guitar. I have pen and paper. Together we work our way through it.

It's the same when I teach scales. Step by step my students begin to understand the structure of a scale. As the understanding of scales starts to take place, they know the purpose of scales and how to use them.

Scales help to make fingers nimble. Nimble fingers are essential for sight reading music.

The Music Reader's Toolbox is for guitarists who want to learn and understand the power of sight reading music.

At the beginning of the scales section I use piano keys to demonstrate tones and semitones and to emphasise a sharp note goes higher and a flat note goes lower.

My students never say, for example, F sharp or G flat, it's one or the other.

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Screenshots below taken from the Full version.

Screenshot 1
Pages are turned using the arrows on the Left (back) and Right (forward)

Screenshot 5
Students are encouraged to listen to the tones and semitones of a scale.
Screenshot 6
Scales are constructed note by note

Screenshot 2
The problems with scales are explained and solved

Screenshot 3
Scales are linked to key signatures in preparation for reading music.

Screenshot 4
Every scale has a place in The Music Reader's Toolbox.

The Music Reader's Toolbox™ is for beginners and professionals and anyone wanting to improve their sight reading of music and enjoy playing guitar.

Scales are a vital tool. When scales change to keys the real magic begins.

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