Stave Breakthrough™ Time Signatures - No problem

There isn't a problem with 6/8, or any other rhythm. 

Students are not playing these pieces (initially) they simply recite the timing and the note names including the dynamics using the Stave Breakthrough method before thinking about the performance.

When a student calls out 3 beat G, for example, they instantly move to the next note they don't wait or clap for 3 beats.

The real-time playing begins when the teacher hears fluency entering the reading and sees a new confidence grow in the reader.

It only takes about 5 minutes reading through a tune going
2 beat B, 3 beat F#, ½ beat D etc. for the ability to read music quickly, from the stave, to enter the brain.

When a student sits at a piano, or sings, or plays any instrument the barriers that build up against reading music will have gone.

The teacher now has more time to explain what is needed for any particular rhythm or performance. 

Len Collins






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