Stave Breakthrough™ in schools


Download the complete 'Stave Breakthrough™ in the classroom,' PDF.

As a music teacher there are two different groups of people you will be teaching.  Students who already read music and students who do not.

Those who can read music will need to know how to use the Stave Breakthrough method and how to relate this new way of sight reading music to what they have already learned. Stave Breakthrough uses all the traditional symbols and meanings associated with the stave condensed into an easy to learn and fast to read way.

Music students who cannot read music should be introduced to Stave Breakthrough in their first lesson.

It is necessary to determine which group you are teaching.

When learning the Stave Breakthrough method students do not use or play their instruments during the lessons. In fact, it can hold a student back.

Music reading is first about understanding the position of a symbol on the stave and what it means when the note is used.


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