Stave Breakthrough™ Malcolm Dedman

Malcom Dedman

Malcom believes in writing music that speaks directly to the audience, conveying a purposeful message, in a style that is appropriate to this century and without compromising musical quality.
More recently, Malcolm has received performances in England, Ireland, France, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and South Africa. Many of these performances have been received well by audiences and critics, including two excellent reviews by Anthony Payne.

"Malcolm Dedman's Solstice is one of the finest works that I have encountered on the Sibelius site for quite a while. It is tough and exciting to hear and the use of short easily recognised motives gives a sense of continuity and unity to the whole. Highly recommended."

ReverbNation, 2007

"Pianists will be glad to have an interesting and abundant new repertoire to choose from. His music is thoughtful, humorous, and aesthetically interesting. The bottom line is that it is always accessible."

Piano Journal, 2009

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Malcolm has contributed four pieces to Stave Breakthrough

PDFs Reconciliation Passacaglia Let us play together A sad moment

Stave Breakthrough is a read and say not sing and play method. On completion of the written side of the worksheet each system should be read aloud. After the exercise use any piece of music in the classroom or studio. Students do not write on music owned by schools and music teachers, these worksheets are just a guide to using the Stave Breakthrough method.

Print each PDF for your students to fill in the boxes.

MD Example

If the music contains dynamics students should incorporate them into the reading.

For example. Read quieter or louder depending on the dynamic range.