SBHelpers a unique experience for young musicians to interact with the Stave Breakthrough method.

SBHelpers™ runs only laptops and desktops. Hand held devices are not suitable.

SBHelpers™ is a series of drag and drop pages where music students add the timing of the notes and the note names to a virtual stave using the SB method.

Watch the SBHelpers demo


Follow the contact link at the foot of the page to get your password for all the SBHelpers that are available. You can also arrange to chat with me on Skype or by email through the same link.

SBHelpers™ is the companion of Stave Breakthrough, my unique method for dramatically increasing the speed of reading music, and is also completely free.

The examples on the following page have a song title, brief description and a link to the actual SBHelpers™ for your students to freely use.

All schools and music teachers, private and peripatetic, the parents of young musicians and everyone interested in improving the development of reading music will find much to share with the young musicians the are teaching.

Stave Breakthrough™ is Read and Say, not Sing and Play, not until fluency and confidence appears in their reading. (App. 5 mins.)

I will happily guide you through the process of the SBHelpers™ through Skype. I will be creating more SBHelpers™ every week.

After completing each of the SBHelpers™ click the save button save to save the image to your hard drive.

At the foot of the page of each SBHelpers™ is a play button to listen to the tune being worked on. Most have a metronome to work with.

Please remember Stave Breakthrough™ is, and always will be, free to use in schools by music teachers and their students. Private music teachers can also use SB as part of their tuition. Anyone who plays an instrument or sings, can and should, incorporate my unique method into their daily practice. Everything about SB is free.

I only ask teachers to contact me before they start to use SB and not to use Len Collins' Stave Breakthrough™ as part of any commercial venture, unless you ask my permission.

You will need a password to enter the SBHelpers™ page.

Enter username: Enter password:

Contact me for a free password and complete explanation of the benefits and various skills your students will learn through my unique method of sight reading music. Only I read the messages so your email is safe.

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It all helps create better musicians.

Len Collins


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