Stave Breakthrough™ Method

Stave Breakthrough Method - A brief introduction and something new.

I have created a brand new PowerPoint Presentation (also in PDF format) to help music teachers understand how to use Stave Breakthrough and the benefits for their students.

Power Point Power Point Presentation Power Point Presentation PDF

Please contact me before using Stave Breakthrough.

I created Stave Breakthrough™ in 2014

Stave Breakthrough is a unique teaching method to make reading music easier and faster. The Method itself needs no commercial books for support nor any special purchace whatsoever.

When using Stave Breakthrough music teachers start with a standard piece of music found in any music classroom or studio. It can be in any clef. Choose something suitable for your young vocalists and instrumentalists depending on their skill level.

Stave Breakthrough is suitable for all levels of ability not just young students. If there is a need to read music Stave Breakthrough is there to help.

Stave Breakthrough uses a Read and Say not Sing and Play method which means the student reads aloud from the stave using Stave Breakthroughs unique approach. No instrument nor singing voice is used when Stave Breakthrough is first introduced in a lesson. This changes when a student is comfortable using Stave Breakthrough to master reading music.

How this is achieved is explained in more detail on the next page.

When choosing the best piece of music for your students to learn Stave Breakthrough use a real song not an exercise piece. Keep it short. Keep it easy. Keep it fun.

Stave Breakthrough covers everything found on the stave and is suitable for all styles of performance.

Standard notation, including dotted notes, ties, rests and dynamics can be read within minutes at an exciting, accelerated speed. This makes reading music and the lesson more enjoyable. Dynamics can be introduced into the way your students use Stave Breakthrough by encouraging the volume to change as they are reading from the page, i.e. (p) read quietly, (f) read loud, (mf) not so loud.

Although Stave Breakthrough can be used as a self-help method to learn to read music, its primary focus is to speed up the process of reading from the stave. The basic structure of reading music should have already been set in motion by a music teacher.

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