Len Collins

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I have been a professional musician all my working life, and a music teacher for over 30 years. I encourage my students to be creative, independent, and knowledgeable.

I created Stave Breakthrough™, in July 2014; a unique method for fast sight reading music and SBHelpers™ in 2015. I spend every minute, when I’m not teaching, talking to fellow teachers around the world and broadcasters, journalists, and musicians and singers of every style to reach as many musicians as I can.

My aim is to improve their sight reading skills and therefore increase work opportunities leading to a higher exam success rate.

Stave Breakthrough™ is, and always will be, free to use in schools by music teachers and their students. Anyone who plays an instrument or sings can use my unique method for free. Even the apps are free.

I only ask teachers to contact me before they start to use SB and not to use Len Collins' Stave Breakthrough™ as part of any commercial venture.

Through Stave Breakthrough™ I can now help more musicians overcome their anxiety when faced with sight reading and sight singing music. All instrumentalists and vocalists that use Stave Breakthrough™ will be better equipped for the music industry and for the pleasure of playing at home.

Len Collins Stave Breakthrough™

Click the book to see the 2004 Guinness World Record for the Largest Music Lesson


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A long and fruitful journey.



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