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The Fretboard - The Guitar Edition

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I believe the fretboard is the best, and only, place to start learning the guitar. Knowing the names of the notes on the fretboard will build a path that will take you to your full potential.

Without full knowledge of the fretboard a guitarist can read music but can't play it, nor is it possible to improvise using a whole range of different keys.

Watch your favourite guitarist, if you see four fingers flying across the fretboard they had a good teacher. Only using three fingers? Think what they could have achieved.


Whatever your skill level, experienced guitar player or beginner, all guitarists need to know and use the fretboard.

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Screenshots below taken from the Full version.

Screenshot 1
Pages are turned using the arrows on the Left (back) and Right (forward)

Screenshot 2
Throughout The Music Reader's Toolbox™ series I stress the need to work with a teacher.

Screenshot 3
Every note, on every string, sharps first then flats is explored, including the correct fingering.

Screenshot 4
Octaves and tuning the guitar with an electronic tuner and by ear are featured.

Screenshot 5
Why no E sharp? Why no B sharp? Where's C flat or F flat? The answers are here.

Screenshot 6
The versatility of the fretboard highlights the unhelpfulness of TAB.

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