Stave Breakthrough™ Tempo

To help music students understand how to read from the stave at various speeds, Stave Breakthrough can be used with a metronome (there is one at the foot of the page) - for this to work the music being read must contain only single beats or rests. The online exercise below is written using one beat notes.

The student reads each note aloud, in time with a metronome, while using the Stave Breakthrough method. "1 beat A, 1 beat C, 1 beat B, 1 beat F," etc. Say, "1 beat rest," when needed.

It is enough to grasp the concept of metronome settings.

SB works with all clefs.

To clarify any concern about various time signatures, please read this
Time signatures (opens in a new window)








Click the PDF icon - opens in new window
Print the PDF and ask student to read along with my (croaky) voice or any tempo you suggest using a metronome.


60 bpm
90 bpm
120 bpm
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