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A message from Mike Kasibo

KDF school

Kasibo Development Foundation Uganda.
Kachomo Community
Budaka District
Eastern Uganda
East Africa

As head of the Kasibo Development Foundation I am in the process of organising the building of a new music school for the Kachomo Community, in the Budaka District of Eastern Uganda, East Africa.

I asked Len Collins to oversee the music department of the Kasibo Development Foundation (KDF) school after hearing about his new and exciting ways of encouraging his students to enjoy their music and music theory. Len believes the starting point of creativity is knowledge, his unique method for sight reading music is a good example of this.

Opening January 2021 we are embarking on the first stage of a long term programme to teach music of the highest quality to the children of Eastern Uganda. A planned online KDF music school is due to start before the end of this year.

I hope to be working with Len, my wife Liz and those involved in making the Kasibo Development Foundation school a great success for many years to come. Together we will encourage the singers and instrumentalists living in the Kachomo Community to join with us to give their music a future.

Mike Kasibo
KDF 17/08/2020

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